Word Cup Betting Risks

No matter if you’ve been playing betting on sports events for some time or are just beginning and adhering to the guidelines found on this site, probably you’ve visited websites like Covers.com as you research future games. There’s a good chance you’ve seen the small “consensus” tidbit next to every game, which tells who the public thinks will prevail. You could see that a team has a 70% majority of people who believe in it and think that this could be a good chance to bet. Although there is no guarantee in the realm of betting on sports events however, this is usually incorrect ufabet ทางเข้า.

If the Public Always Won…

One of the most important concepts to keep in mind when it comes to betting on sports is that If the public had more winnings than they lost, the sports books would be no more. It’s simplifying the situation somewhat, naturally but it is the reality. The casinos and sports books operate to earn money–lots of money. If they are losing money in a specific area, they will either modify the rules or cease offering it completely. Since the online world of sports book is alive and flourishing It is therefore probable that they’re making money and that, over the long run people lose their money.

I’ve been encouraging people to subscribe to the idea about reverse opinions for some time and years. This is true for many of the tips I’ve given here at SportBooksReview, I’m not suggesting that you gamble blindly on teams that has the highest public support every night. Just keep this in mind when conducting your research. There are certain situations when watching the consensus of the public and comparing it to line movement can be very eye-opening, and these are the occasions when you can pounce.

Public Consensus and Line Movement

As we discussed in the Line Movement article, there are numerous reasons that can cause sports books to alter the line. One such factor is one team getting decidedly more money wagered on it over the other, which creates an atmosphere where the books would lose a large amount of funds if one team wins. It is preferential for books to have a fair balanced amount of money that is bet on both sides of a game and, regardless of the outcome, which team will succeed because of the juice (newbies who bet $110 bet $100, the money is $10, which is how the juice is made). This is why it’s a good idea to take a brief look at the common percentages as well as the line movements for the games you’d like to bet on–there can sometimes provide some valuable details that can provide you with an advantage.

While researching, if you happen to see a game where the public is heavily placing bets on just one player, for instance 70% or higher but the line hasn’t changed from it’s original number and you are left to consider the reasons for that. If people are betting most of their money on an individual team, and there is no change in the number to attract more bettors for the other team, then that’s a clue. The books either are convinced that the public is going to lose, or the big-money sharp betters have already made bets on the opposite team. Either way, this is an alarming sign. Don’t be a fool and put your money on this method There will be instances when these numbers are too significant to ignore.


As a general rule, I favor fading the public–especially when there’s a significant general consensus that bets on the underdog of a game. You’ve probably guessed that the most common theme in my articles is research. After all, we’re talking about your money , so it’s vital to make every effort to find an advantage before making your bet. As is the case with many of my suggestions the following article isn’t intended to be a single-size-fits-all approach, but an integral part of a bigger method of conducting your research and ultimately finding solid money-making opportunities. If you follow the advice I’ve given in this article and combine it with some others, you will be rewarded with money. The question is: how much?

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