Animal Skin Rugs Make Perfect Floor Coverings

There are various reasons why people raise animals in captivity. One of the most prominent of these reasons is to kill the animal so that their flesh and skin, and in some cases, their blood and bones, can be used for human consumption. In this contemporary age, the value placed on animal hide is so high that using them for nutritional purposes is somewhat considered as a waste of resources. Animal skin is preferably used for the production of wallets and purses, gloves, shoes, sofas, car seats, rugs, etc.Brands pull ads from Bilibili amid boycott over perverted anime series and  sexist user comments – SupChina

Rugs constitute one of the most popular by-products of animal hide. Rugs made from animal skin are basically called animal skin rugs or hide rugs. Some are natural while others consist of a mix of hide and artificial materials เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. The later are generally cheaper and more customisable since there is virtually no limit to the designs and markings that can be bestowed on them. However, most people prefer animal skins because of their uniqueness and spectacular markings. Some of the most popular hide rugs are cowhide rugs, bear skin rugs, sheepskin rugs, buffalo, reindeer rugs, zebra rugs, springbok rugs, etc.

The production of each animal skin rug is unique because different species have different physical properties and biological/chemical compositions. After an animal has been killed and skinned, the skin undergoes various preparatory stages aimed at reducing hair and removing proteins, stripping off natural fats/oils, splitting and modification of pigments and adjustment of PH values for better tanning. Tanning is then carried out to convert the protein of the raw skin into a stable product that is resistant to putrefaction (decay). The process that follows tanning is called crusting. During crusting, the tanned skin is made thinner, tanned again and lubricated. In some cases, dyeing and whitening is carried out during this stage for colour improvement. The last stage involves finishing operations which vary depending on the expected look and feel of the rug to be produced. Finishing operations may include oiling, brushing, spraying, polishing and combing, just to name a few.

Animal skin rugs are used for two main purposes. The very first and most widely implemented use is decoration. Animal skins are usually crafted with attention to details. Their beautiful spotty colour patterns, soft fluffy touch feeling and marvellous shapes give birth to aesthetic artworks. These can be used to give incredible face lifts to various spots and objects in a house including but not limited to floors, walls, ceilings, doors, couches and tables. To maintain the beauty that comes along with such decorations, it is very important that the animal skin rug is constantly kept clean. One additional advantage of animal skin rugs which some people hardly even notice is that they make the surrounding space warmer. Animal skin rugs have better insulating properties than wood and stone thus contributing a great lot to prevention of heat loss through the floor.

It is worth noting that some people – human rights activists – are strongly against the use of animal hide for any purpose, including the production of rugs. Such people criticise hide rug owners based on the notion that animals are being harmed just so that people can decorate their bodies and homes. I consider this to be a strange philosophy because animals are not killed for the sole purpose of using their skin. In most cases, the nutritional value of flesh is the main concern and skin is merely a by-product. Throwing away valuable skin for any reason whatsoever doesn’t make any sense

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