Getting Ready For The PMP Exam

PMP exam is created by PMI to promote the highest industry standards and practices in credential holders thus ensuring the highest level of work efficiency and experience. Testing of the applicants’ knowledge only is not enough for the PMI, but they also aim at testing the way managers put this knowledge into practice, how efficient their planning and performance is, how professional and responsible are these people at work.
Attention students! Delhi govt issues assessment guidelines for classes 3  to 8, check details
A part of the preparation for the PMP exam is taking an online course called a PMP bootcamp. Another option to get ready for this exam is to find some good courses or Waec expo books that can help you prepare for it. Those who would rather try to get ready by themselves would greatly benefit from such training materials like the PMBOK guide, PMP exam text, test questions, as well as audio or visual PMP course. In order to take the PMP exam, you have to study a lot to learn the basics, so that you would be able select the right answer to the questions. The exam is not at all easy and you will be confused assuming that the questions have more right answers than one, if you are not totally familiar with the main PMI concepts. The PMI has developed this test in a way to catch the major mistakes made by newbie. After you study all the basics that are necessary for the exam, start practicing them and take exam questions. You can have the whole set of 1800 PMP questions for free for a trial period of three days, but you may opt for purchasing that package after that time expires. However, if you make a full use of the questions for these three days, you may save the fee and still get prepared to the tricky exam. This will feel like you are going to a real exam, as they look very much like real PMP exams. There are certain qualifications criteria to attend the exam that should be fulfilled. To be qualified, you should have at least three years (4500 hours) of working experience in the position of a project manager as well as a three year degree completed. Those who have only completed a high school and do not have a degree, should work in the position of a project manager for at least five years (7500 hours) to be qualified for the exam. In case you are qualified, you need to go through a special education class for 35 hours. This course is known as PDU and is available both in class and online. The various aspects of the effective management are touched in order to make your preparation completed. Once the course is over, the applicant can submit his/her application online together with some more documentation, such as educational qualifications and working experience. These documents have to be gathered beforehand, so you are able to fill in your application.

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