Cartooning for Kids: Three Books That Can Help You Get Started

Most kids I know love to draw at some point. Some of them love it so much, they go on to create video games, comics, cartoons, and graphic novels เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. If you are looking for some excellent books on cartooning for kids, here are three that can help you get started.One of the absolute best overall introductions is Big Book of Cartooning by Bruce Blitz. He starred in a public television show for many years, and I was able as a young adult to learn from his techniques.The Best '90s Anime You Can Stream For Every Mood - Nerdist

The book covers everything from basic cartooning skills, like combining different facial shapes, features, and hairstyles, to make various characters. It also shows how to draw human bodies and add motion to them so they are funny and dynamic, and not just standing still.

He does a great job of introducing cartoon effects and accessories. Those are the kinds of things that make cartoons fun and bring them to life, like the wavy lines coming out of a slice of pizza, to show that it smells good. Or the lines on a puddle of water or a mirror, to show they are reflective. And the most fun of all, those little beads of sweat or action lines, like when someone has just thrown a ball.

There is also a lot of mention on how to create comic strips, including how to lay them out, think up jokes, and do your lettering. For kids who want to try their hand at superhero-type comics, he covers different ways to make your man go from dopey to marvelous, from zero to hero. Also included are various poses you might use, like lifting, taking off, flying, and punching.

This all-inclusive work also has a section on cartoon portraiture or caricature. That way you can draw funny pictures of yourself, friends, family, and teachers, and give those away as gifts. You might even end up selling your work!Another excellent overview is Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cartooning but Were Afraid to Draw. The author is a Disney-trained artist, so it’s a perfect reference if you like that style. But it too covers everything from expressions and drawing action poses, to comic strip layout.

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