Is Social Networking Driving Small Business Marketing With the Addition of Google+ Local Pages?

People interact locally because proximity is just a fact of life. If a friend lives closer to you, there is a greater chance you will see them more often. Whether it is laziness, not financially plausible or there Buy Google Reviews is a lack of time, most people try to stay within a certain locality. Could this be why local search is now being teamed up with Google+ through Google+ Local Pages?

Google Places is a Thing of the Past
Google Places was once the grounds for starting a successful local online marketing plan for small businesses. In order to drive customers to a location from Google searches, companies would need to setup a business listing in Google Places which would then appear on Google Maps and in traditional search. This is where companies would list their hours, images and other facts about the business. However, Google Places is now a thing of the past with the newly implemented Google+ Local Pages.

New Changes to Local Search
Recently over 80 million Google+ Local Pages were created from existing Places Pages, but this is not the only change in local search. A new tab has been added within Google+ named “Local” which will help to combine social networking and local search. To make local business listings more social, Zagat Reviews have been implemented as well. This change will allow for better review ratings since the Zagat scale is much more dynamic than the usual 5 star review.

Why the Big Push?
Google is known for making big pushes in new directions and this one is not just a casual change. A well thought out approach to creating the ultimate social network has been implemented. Since people think locally and proximity is the basis of our closest friends, the new Google+ Local Pages allow for a combination of both shopping and social interaction. A brilliant idea that is sure to sway more people to utilize the social network and fuel the competition between Facebook and Google.

Do Not Forget About Mobile Aspect of Social
With the mobile market growing rapidly, the newly updated Google+ Local is a great change to local search for mobile phones. The newly updated pages have a better look when viewed on a mobile device. If you have used your smartphone for a local search in the past, you know the information available prior to the update was fairly adequate. However, the formatting was not very user friendly and often times left you aggravated. Google+ Local Pages provide a mobile layout that is easy to read and makes finding information about locations quick. This is a major plus for Google’s local search, pardon the pun.

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