Relationships: What is going on?

Its seems to be a week of people talking about relationshipsnand more about ending relationships than starting them. It is difficult when one is in this position in life. This is my spin on a few situations that have come up for discussion, but first a tip, the only relationship you really need to work on is the one with you Escorts. Everything else will fall into place.Best 500+ Couple In Love Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

I have had a few discussions with couples that have been together for many, many years, and now they come to the realization that there really isn’t a relationship. They were busy for years raising the children and looking after careers. Now that the children have grown and the career is in it’s final stages, they realize they stopped building on the relationships several years ago. It feels as though they are living with a stranger in some ways.

When it comes to a marriage and children, it is important to look after your relationship with yourself first, your relationships with your spouse second, and the children will be looked after. We often times flip all those upside down resulting in a mess at the end of the day. There are people that once in a relationship they loose themselves, giving themselves to the partner.

A partnership is two people not one, a healthy relationship is two healthy partners, not one. Once one person is lost, the resentments and anger start to build because of the disappointments they feel for not having done what they wanted in life. The finger starts to get pointed at their partner, because they obviously could not read their mind, or read their signs of what they wanted. No wonder the relationship is on the rocks.

It is so important to know who you are going into the relationship, and feeling comfortable with that. In a healthy relationship you feel safe and supported in being who you truly are. Never hand your power to someone else, it will only end in heart ache. The people we choose to have relationships with are those that hold a mirror up for us to look in, for us to learn from. If we choose to look for blame rather than look in the mirror we create blocks not only for ourselves but also in our relationships.

If there is a problem within our relationship, there is a problem within the relationship with ourselves. This is not to say that every relationship can work, in fact quite the opposite, sometimes the mirror is showing you that you deserve so much more, or that you have outgrown this relationship. That is not to blame the other person, simply to show you it is time for you to move on in life.

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