Top Three Qualities to Get a Sports Internship

When looking to establish yourself as a knowledgeable, hardworking employee in the sport field, it is extremely necessary that you first acquire an internship. Internships have proven to be one of the most valuable ways to gain experience in your specific field, as well as establish relationships with your superiors who can help you advance your career. Networking has always been an important part of finding a job. People have often said, “It is not what you know, but who you know.”

This statement holds validity in the sport field and being familiar with people within the industry can help to land you a solid internship, possibly even one you have always dreamed of. I have grown up an avid hockey fan, and because my family history, I have always cheered for the Buffalo Sabres 먹튀검증. Due to my family history and ties, and my choice to major in sport management, my dream job has always been working for the Buffalo Sabres Organization in some form or another. There are several internships available for their organization that require numerous strengths, but the three that I feel are most important are communication, having a love for sports, and being able to adapt to and operate the new technology.

Communication is one of the most important strengths a person entering the job market can have. If you are unable to communicate it makes it very difficult for an employer to hire you, especially in the sport management market. Communication is used through e-mail, formal documents, presentations, sales, marketing, and numerous other aspects that are important to the daily routine of someone working in the sports field. Being a solid communicator allows you to establish comfortable relationships with employees, superiors, and customers, which can lead to higher productivity and a happier workplace.

The second strength I feel is necessary for gaining an internship in the sport field is simply a love for sports. I find it difficult to understand why someone who did not love sports would want to enter this field, but never the less it is still an important attribute to have. If you love sports it will make working feel more like leisure than work itself. People who have fun and enjoy going to work have proven to create a more effective and productive work environment. Most people who have a strong love for sports also tend to have a base understanding and knowledge for how a specific sport works and is ran. This can be beneficial, and can separate you from other applicants for an internship if the organization will not have to waste hours training you about the sport itself.

The third and final strength that I feel is most necessary for earning an internship in the sport field is the ability to adapt to and operate new technology. There are very few jobs these days in any field that do not require a base understanding of technology, such as how to operate word and excel documents, but jobs in the sport field can deal with even more advanced technology. Technology such as databases that are used to measure fan attendance and demographics are consistently beginning to be used in the sport field, and being technologically savvy and able to operate these programs are important to your development as an employee and can make you a more desirable applicant. This can again allow your employer to skip time training you in specific technology or programs if you already possess an understanding of how things work, and the reason for using those particular programs.

By possessing theses three strengths, (amongst others) it can give you a head start as an applicant when applying for internships in the field of sports. Acquiring an internship in the sport field can sometimes be the most difficult thing to do in your progression towards your career. Once you are able to gain an internship you then have your chance to prove yourself as an employee through work ethic and willingness to learn and progress as an employee. Internships provide you with the ability to branch out into other organizations or businesses, and use your work experience to gain a narrower career path. Without this experience it can be extremely difficult to get hired. Internships can open new doors for you as an applicant that can expand your options when entering the work force after college.

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