Studying IQOS users and ex-users from the UK, researchers discovered the reasons for their usage of IQOS.

Philip Morris International’s IQOS heated tobacco product is one of the most widely available on the market. The lack of independent study on how and for how long smokers and former smokers begin taking IQOS is troubling.Looks like today iQOS will release a new vaping device based on mesh coils.  I got handed the welcome guide from somebody at an iQOS store last Friday.  They said the website

The following are the six most important factors that led to the first implementation of IQOS:

  1. A desire to reduce or quit smoking and a belief that the danger of developing cancer is lower than previously thought (while understanding IQOS was not risk-free). Branded packaging, the elimination of visible warnings, and improvements in physical health conveyed the decrease in hazard to consumers.
  2. Quitting smoking has a higher initial cost, but lesser ongoing costs than smoking does financially.
  3. Mixed feelings about pleasure and contentment in the physical world Distinctiveness, cleanliness, reduced odour, and tactile resemblance to combustible cigarettes were all factors that contributed to the increased use of electronic cigarettes.
  4. Practically speaking, worries about accessibility and maintenance issues impeded long-term use, whereas smoking in smoke-free areas fueled the use of the product.
  5. Despite the development of new cleaning and charging techniques, there were psychological similarities in rituals and routines; some individuals admired the pioneering of new technologies.
  6. For others, the benefits of quitting smoking and switching to IQOS outweigh the disadvantages of having fewer social chances.

IQOS helped some individuals kick the habit, making it simpler for them to do so. Packaging, labelling, risk communication, price, and smoke-free rules are just a few of the many elements that appear to have an impact on how people get started and how they use tobacco products.


In order to participate in the research, participants had to be at least 18 years old, have smoked for at least two years, and use or have used IQOS at least weekly for at least one month. A variety of methods, including a mass email to the whole university, a research recruitment website, classified advertisements, and social media, were used to find potential students for the programme. While in London, we set up posters advertising IQOS in vape shops and spoke with individuals who were openly using the product. Those who passed the preliminary screening and were eligible for an interview were selected based on their demographics, smoking history, and scores on the IQOS.


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