Your health, Sanity, And – T-Shirts?

The other night, while researching a bit for this article, I was trying to think of an appropriate name for it. I jotted down a bunch of names and nothing seemed to fit. Finally “Your Health, Sanity, And T-shirts” made perfect sense. Of course, admittedly, a lot of things make perfect sense to me, and me only, and a lot of issues ring true to others that leave me clueless.Buy Wolf T-Shirts - Split Face Wolf Shirts Magical Wolves Tee Online in  Pakistan. B07P9MWJDF

Though I consider myself an expert by no means, I have seen, in my now over a half-century on this planet, trends come and go. I have heard hype and I’ve heard truisms, seen fads come and go, and experienced them all. Probably so have you. In 1978, I became convinced that natural foods would one day catch on. I opened a health food store wolf shirt
. That in itself may not seem like such a big idea to many, but I did so in rural Mississippi. Of course to many, I was a “pagan at best”. It mattered not. I was only twenty-eight and learning to carve my niche (which, incidentally took many twists and turns well into my forties).

Never in a million years would I consider that my clothes were killing me. We hear much about mercury poisoning from the fillings in our teeth, and, sure enough, those were no “wolf cries”. Even the tiny bits of mercury in our fillings not only kill us, but in some ways that is the good news. Before they do that, they zap our immune system causing everything from cancer to heart disease to depression and yes, even insanity. Not every time but it can.

Now that the planet is a bit more “green”, at least we try to think and act more earth-friendly by recycling, (hopefully) driving smaller cars that use less gas, or even hybrids, and we surely have not littered, most of us, in decades.

But what about our T-shirts? I had a feeling that was the next question on your mind. The latest wolf cry is that our T-shirts, among other clothing, or at least the chemicals and dyes in them are killing us. As it turns out, this wolf-cry is the truest of them all. The skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs everything and rather rapidly

But what does that have to do with T-shirts? Americans love T-shirts, and, the average American has dozens of them, containing graphic art. Many of the tees themselves are dyed with a chemical dye that seeps through the skin the minute it is worn. Does washing take it out? I wish I could say so, but not. It does basically similar things to us that the mercury in our teeth do. Many of us love wearing our tees often. As i said, it can happen with any type of clothing, depending on the fabric itself and dye process.

Cotton is one of the most sprayed plants with insecticide and accounts for at least ten percent of this type pollution. Much of it stays in the fabric. This is in addition to the chemicals in the dyes.

The solution? Go green with your tees. Make sure the company uses all natural toxic free dyes. Make sure the tee is 100% organically grown cotton. Not only will you feel better about what you are doing for the planet, but what you have on. These tees really do feel better. Do they cost more? Not as much as you may think. The average I’ve found is about $5 more. Not a bad deal at all for what all you get in return. And once you feel the organic cotton on your skin, it is impossible to go back to anything less. Really. And I’m not crying wolf. Can you imagine your small dogs dressing into a small dog costume that shows a bad, big wolf look? Isn’t it viciously cute? When pets are dressed with great and artistic designs of pet costume during competitions or even during their costume day, they will surely look brilliant and attractive.

It can always attract people and even other dogs, when they walk on streets with attire that everyone will surely find it incredible. A wolf dog costume is one of the great ideas for pet costume to have small dogs portray an angry look as if they are large dogs during any other occasion.

You may grab one form pet shops that will perfectly fit your small dogs or even order in stores online with free shipping discounts. If you want to really dress up your dog fashionably without an expense, then go for this wolf dog costume design that is very easy to create in minutes.

You just need to start grabbing the materials needed for your design for a small dog costume or another like a false hair that can be purchase from stores to use it as a wolf’s fur and a kid’s black shirt that can be used to paste them all together or even black gowns to make it easier for your dogs to move. Make sure that the shirt collar is not too tight on your dog’s neck.

Of course, this will not be a wolf costume if you do not have the wolf ear which brings the fierce look and makes this pet costume really unique. For this, you may use goblet ears that are also available in stores and you can glue the false hair on it as well to make it look real and utilize head bands or bonnets at home to hold the fake ears on the head even with small dog costume.

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