How to Create DVD Video Tributes In-House

Video tributes present moving life stories that help client families focus on the celebration of a loved one’s life rather than their death. With easy to use software designed for the funeral industry, offering in-house tribute videos will distinguish your funeral home and provide a priceless gift to those left behind.

The key to a successful memorial service is the ability to create an atmosphere of love, reflection and comfort. As a funeral home professional, you hold the rare distinction of guiding your client families through the most difficult days they will face. You undoubtedly have a wide event production hong kong range of products and services to offer them. If you don’t already offer tribute videos, it’s definitely time you consider integrating them into your service offerings. Not completely comfortable with technology? You’ll be surprised at how easy creating one in-house can be. This value added service will elevate your professional reputation while providing great pleasure to client families for years to come.

With tribute videos being so popular, don’t make the mistake of being unable to offer this service to your client families. Homemade videos are time-consuming and frankly, this is one time when families do not have the energy or desire to explore their creative sides. Using an outside production house can be expensive and you also run the risk of missing deadlines.

The most effective and convenient way to create an in-house tribute video is with software developed specifically for this purpose. Video tributes include photographs and videos of the deceased provided by client families. Set to music and personalized with themes that reflect any profession, hobby, military or social service, you have the ability to create a stunning, high-end video that can be duplicated on additional DVD’s and even uploaded to your website.

A step-by-step tutorial will navigate you through the process. Menu-driven and user-friendly tribute video software allows you to preview your video immediately and make edits with ease. Features such as zooming and panning, automatic transitions that sync image changes to music, and the ability to touch up or even restore photos result in professional videos that will astound your grateful client families. Depending on the venue, they can play through once or be on a continuous loop for replay until manually stopped.

Tribute video software is cost effective, requiring no long-term contracts, hidden fees or special equipment. You pay as you go and can create and store an unlimited number of videos.

While providing an outstanding product and relieving client families of managing the task alone, you are most importantly creating a moving history of a beloved person. Memories are shared and loved ones are connected in their grief and love. Video tributes are powerful tools to help families cope with their loss.

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